Discover and share knowledge on our common history

 A shared will

As remembered in its first constitution article, Pierrepont Institute is a public association who prohibits political, philosophical nor religious goals. Pierrepont Institute results of a single will, common to all contributing family members : help research from amateur as well as profesionnal historians to enhance our knowledge of our common historical heritage.

This association demonstrates this will with its actions towards historians in their research work, as well as present institutional and private owners of monuments or archive documents it aims to help preserve.

 Powerful set of tools

The help Pierrepont Institute grants to historians comes through association structure, publications, private documents and archive both paper and scanned.

Professionnal as well as amateur historians can be accredited with Institute to facilitate their contacts with private and institutional bodies that may request identification (mostly on contemporary history research).

Institute own equity is still limited in terms of amount, due to its recent foundation, however its ambition is to contribue as much as possible to susidise and help subsidise, raise public equity to help preserve historic heritage.

 An ambition to share

Pierrepont Institute aims to collect any documentary source of any interest to enhance historical knowledge on Pierrepont House history.

For each of these sources, the association gets in touch with current owner to check current preservation status, introduce its set of tools and help and propose actions to repair or promote this heritage using its network of historians

For example emergency actions have been set to help scan Pierrepont sets in french public deparmental archive (Manche and Calvados), with specitif action towards 15th century sets (A.D. Caen, cote F 6704)