Enhance knowledge of unknown heritage

Focused academic goals

Pierrepont Institute contributors provide information in respect with strict academic standards to help discover and promote historical heritage of one of the most ancient french and european noble house. Association rules are simple and strict to share with a broad amount of amateur and professional members research methodologies and results, freely debate hypothesis. Gold rules include free expression and copyleft on research. The goal of the association as a forum is to promote new information as well as quickly identifiy key issues and controversial intertpretations.

 Modern and adapted tools

Pierrepont Institute proposes "de gentis de petraponte" as an academic media both with web site : www.depierrepont.net and a paper newsletter sent to members with regular mail. Institute proposes to historians a reference genealogy tree, regularly updated to facilitate work and questions. Last but not least, Pierrepont Institute organizes a permanent forum between historians working on a same period or theme, to share sources and documents.

 Some real and effective achievements

Publications attract more and more audience, as the web site and its almost 600 visitors per month since it is opened, including family members.

Each year, Pierrepont Institute plans feedback meetings as a lunch-conference with average 60 attendants to share recent academic results with family members.

 Interesting projects to come

an important article is about to be published in 2009 to improve knowledge of Pierrepont house in early 13th century through the writings of Hugues de Pierrepont, bishop of Liege.